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You can create structures and hierarchies in geographical structuring by assigning structure nodes at different levels or the same level to each other.


  • The master data for the objects required for structuring (postal units, geographical units, carrier routes, sales offices) should already be created in the system.

  • The Customizing settings for geographical structuring should be maintained.


Structure maintenance

The functions for structure node assignment include the following editing options for assignments:

  • Create

  • Terminate

  • Delete

  • Suspend temporarily

  • Reassign


In the application area for distribution master data, choose the access level at which you want to create or maintain assignments (for example, Geographical unit - carrier route or Carrier route - carrier route ). Depending on the read depth specified, you can also edit lower level structure elements on an access level.

Example Example

If the read depth on the access level geographical unit - geographical unit (geographical hierarchy) extends as far as the level of the postal hierarchy, both geographical and postal units are displayed in the structure.

End of the example.

You use the same functions for structure node assignment to edit geographical structures on all access levels.